Asheville in May

Asheville City Limit PictureRaya is back in Asheville, NC for the second time. It has been quite an action packed trip, with lots of amazing adventures. We spent time downtown, shopping and dining. We went to the WNC Nature Center and saw lots of animals including black bears, mountain lions, otters, snakes, frogs, turtle, foxes, and wolves.

It was so great to spend lots of time visiting with all of our friends here, at barbecues, house parties and even a small get together involving sushi in our “cozy” hotel room. Also Raya and her dad had time to seRaya in car seat e each other and we finally were able to see Raya’s grandma and grandpa’s new vacation home all fixed up and looking beautiful.

Apart from the slight hiccup in our stay here, a minor car accident causing our trip to be extended by a week, we can honestly say (I am speaking for Raya too of course) Asheville has been wonderful and we already can’t wait to come back. We still have two more days here and we will top it off with a dinner and sleep over with Raya’s goofy and amazing Uncle Erick who’s coming into town. As Erick put it “Fried Chicken and Baby Party” here we come. Till next time…… always look for the adventures in life, I know we will. XO



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