So So Happy...

Goodbye Summer!

As my fall jackets start to get more use than my summer shorts, I realize that the end of our warm summer fun is near. So many things to miss. Like mimosas on the porch Sunday morning while Raya plays with her favorite thing in the world other than Spongebob…bubbles.

I’ll miss all the walks in to town and watching Raya play on her new swing set that Grandma and Grandpa got her for her 2nd Birthday in July. She is one lucky girl to have such a cool place to play right in her backyard and I absolutely love to watch her play on it.

Raya by her playground
“I’m the Princess of This Swing Set.”

No more trips to the park or swims in a pool. To end summer right we have been trying to cram a lot of summer fun in on these last warm days. So for Raya that means the playground and we went to the best playground around, George George Park. Although it was a gray and slightly rainy day, we still had so much fun.

It also means going to Algonac to visit Great-Grandma Jinny. There was quite a bit of construction going on in the house we usually stay in so we weren’t able to stay there as much as usual this summer but when we did we had a blast and the house turned out so wonderful. We definitely stayed busy enjoying the summer while there…

Raya on the boat
She always loves the boat rides that Grandpa takes her on and so do I.

Grandpa took us on boat rides, we played on the beach,  and we had family and friends out for BBQs. Also Raya spent a lot of time learning how to garden from Grandma which is good because I’ll need a little helper when I have a garden of my own one day.

Raya and Grandma in the Gaden
Raya loves spending time with Grandma. I think she’s trying to set up the tomato cage…too bad Grandma was taking them down 😉

Summer of 2015…Raya’s 2nd summer…was so great and one blog post could never fit all the amazing adventures we had. I guess that just means I will have to start blogging more again because I have a feeling that Fall will be filled with even more adventures 🙂

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