Our cute campsite

Camping at The Pinery

We’ve been having a great month. One of our recent adventures was a trip to The Pinery Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada. My family and I have been coming to this campground since I was a young girl and this was already Raya’s second time at the Pinery. There is a lot to do here. We were camping just a 5 minute walk from Lake Huron. We walked right up on to the beach, unfortunately it was too cold for any swimming but the view was amazing.

We were very lucky to be camping with the pop-up which has a heater because the days were cold and the nights were even colder. I think Raya was happy to have a nice warm place to chill out at night and watch her favorite guy before bed.

One thing I love about camping is that it forces you to just sit and relax, without cell service or wifi I didn’t really have much choice. It was great to get some quality time with Raya, George and my parents.


To top it all off, it was my Birthday while we were there. We had a really nice day of relaxing, a little shopping and a wonderful dinner out. Raya gave me a Happy Birthday balloon too 🙂 she’s such a sweetie.

It was a great adventure with some of my favorite people. Thank you for making my Birthday so amazing. Stay tuned for my next post which includes me enjoying one of my birthday gifts.


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