The Fun Keeps on Comin’

Raya in playplace laying down
Raya has been doing what she does best….Having lots of fun!

The adventures have been non-stop. Near and far-ish. Raya and Grandpa had a fun filled  play date at Lakeside.

Then Grandma, Grandpa, Momma, George and Raya all took a short road trip to Frankenmuth, MI where we shopped, swam, slept and played in the arcade. It was a great family outing.

Raya On dolphoin

This was Raya’s favorite ride. She managed to get some balloons from a party next us at the Bavarian Inn where we were having dinner.Which she LOVED!!!!

Having ice cream twice in one day was a highlight for her also. She spent time playing her new puzzles that George and Momma got her and passed out pretty hard after all the time in the pool. She was FEARLESS! She didn’t even look for the steps to make a slow enterance or look at me for any kind of assurance. Raya just went to the closest edge of the pool, lowered herself in and started to swim with the biggest smile on her face.

raya on couch on table

Now we’re back home, but it hasn’t stopped Raya from creating her own Adventurers 🙂

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