Summer Time Adventures

Summer wouldn’t be summer without lots of play time in Algonac. Raya really loves the beach this year and all the rocks to explore. There is never a dull moment from boat rides on the river to bike rides into town. We are so lucky to have such a beautiful place to create memories in.

If Raya could play at the park all day long she would. She will climb anything ands everything all the way to the top. This is definitely a highlight of her summer!

We took a trip to Portland, Oregon and spent time with Uncle Erick and Aunt Kyla. One of the days there we went to the coast and played in the sand. Raya was occupied with the beach and all its wonders while us grown ups shucked and ate oysters while drinking wine…can’t complain.

We also found an awesome indoor play place with wifi where I could get some work done. Raya likes her yellow and orange foods put neatly in one line 🙂 as they should be. 

One of our favorite things to do is go to Holly and hang out with our best friends. The three kiddos have adventures from morning to night, riding bikes, playing on the play place, creating homemade ninja warrior courses and Bon fires. We can’t wait to go back.

No matter where we are or what we do, it’s just a blessing of life to have each other. Every adventure left in our minds to remind us of how lucky we truly are.

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