Raya and her kitty

She Only Turns 3 Once 

Raya’s 3rd birthday was a blast! We spent the weekend in Frankenmuth, Mi. We walked around little Bavaria shopping and stopping to smell the flowers per Raya’s request and to pretend to be a gnome of course. 

While we were there that had a free event that included the chance to experience an 18th Century encampment representing Britsh, French and Americans. It was cool to see how the way of life was back then.

The highlight of the trip was the water park in our hotel. We stayed at Zehnders Splash Village and truly enjoyed all the activities that were there. Raya went down a big water slide with grandpa and then 5 more times with me and loved it. WEEE!! 

Then she slept 🙂 where’s Raya??

They also had a fun arcade that Raya couldn’t get enough of.

And of course we ate…and then ate some more. If you haven’t been to Frankenmuth for the family style chicken dinner you MUST! It’s available and the Bavarian restaurant as well as my mom’s favorite spot Zehnders restaurant. So good and so much food.

But hot dogs are great too. One of Raya’s favorite foods at the age of 3. Num! num! (As she would say.)

The whole trip topped off with a party in the hotel room with our besties Katelyn, Lili and Kent.  Presents, balloons and pizza made for a fun night. One more year of adventures past another year of them to come.

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